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Other Tribes

Rooted in the Tibeto-Burman origin, the Jing Phaw comes from the Kachin State. They believe in Karai Kaseng as the supreme deity. People of this tribe also worship to Nats and performs animal sacrifice to appease the supreme powers.

The Sakkya tribe or more accurately the Thet tribe is very old. Its origin dates back to the age of Pyu. These people from the Rakhine State are famed for the silver and bamboo earrings.

The Pa-O earns their living by trading wares in the local market. They come down from the Shan State near Kalaw (their homes are near Pindaya, Thaunggyi and Inlay). Thanaq-Hpeq, a large leaf used to make local cigars (cheroots) is the main crop that these people cultivate.



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